Reynolds writes for Us.

A while back, Nyara and I had requested our school teacher (and thank you so much, sir!) to write something. We were ready to pee in our pants over that request, but we did it anyways. Here’s what he has to say to us… and not a word has been changed.

He’s always been an inspiration to us all and we talk highly about him frequently in our class get-together(s). He’s relatively young and an absolute joy to talk to (especially after our school years since we’ve recently discovered his “humorous” side). 


Before I begin telling off on all of you, thank you for giving me platform to do so.

Tea in Ralarn’s House

My hound, Xeno, was ready to collapse too. I had picked him up halfway through the ride. 

The guards on the entrance gates stopped and checked my identity and baggage. 

After finally looking for a place to stay for the three days I was here and sending a message through to the Lords of the Territory, the Ralarn family, I slept. 

And damn, that was the best sleep I’d had in the longest of time. The tired, ready to drop, aching body type sleep where I didn’t want to get up. 

Waiting for Daimon, my partner, to come along… 

Dealing with Love Birds

Nyara had stayed for a week before she left again… and this time to the Academy which we had studied in.

Last night, I had knocked on her door.

She opened it looking her usual self, hair tied back loosely, shorts and an over-sized shirt.

‘Hey,’ I had said, ‘just wanted to say bye. And goodnight.’

She smiled and allowed me in.

I look at the half open cupboard and clothes on the bed. She’s been busy packing.

Nyara’s Nostalgia

The sun’s orange rays seep through my windows, disregarding the heavy curtains completely as they try to wake me from my blissful world. 

I rub my eyes open and yawn, stretching my hands in the air. 

When I look out of the window for the second time, I see my sister standing with her hands shoved inside her jacket’s pocket as she looks over the horizon. 

The landscape is surrounded by lush green grass of the lawns and the forest beyond that. In the left corner, the rose garden peeks out while beyond that are the stables. 

I pull on a robe and walk out of my room.

Butterflies in my Stomach

When finally everyone leaves, I’m exhausted… and it’s only just begun.

Luckily, the day moved on faster. Reina appeared looking beautiful as ever in a gorgeous sparkling gown. She walked briskly, her head high. She accepted and took her vows with clarity and precision. She gave her speech after the entire event  with boldness and authority.

And my heart just bloomed, wanting to shout

Returning to the Academy (part 3)

Behind me is the rest of the Dofren family.

The man standing nearest to me was the Head of Security, Reynolds. Standing next to him is someone I met a couple of days back, Daimon and next to him…

Aonia walks up and hugs the lean figure. They laugh and Nyara swirls Aonia around.

‘Someone’s gotten fatter,’ Nyara teases as she lets go.

‘Well, it’s been quite a while!’ Aonia replies back.

The Queen mother walks before me, her head in the air and before I know it the atmosphere turns formal again. The five figures bow and Reynolds kisses the ring.

‘May we escort you to the Mansion, Your Highness?’ Reynolds asks.

Returning to the Academy (part 2)

And they wouldn’t back down. They kept at it no matter how many ever times they fell down.

It was interesting to watch their spirit.

Later in the evening, we all stood in the Head’s office again.

He was all smiley face, ‘It was a fun practice. I’m happy to see you all with your favorite instruments, showing off!’

Well great. Good for you.

‘What do you think about the students?’ he asks.

‘They’re smart,’ I say, ‘skill and technique.’

Returning to the Academy

Ah, that fresh burst of air. The smell of the woods.

This is home.

And just like that I freeze. Coming back here after almost two years, the landscape is still the same… at least on the borders. What I’m worried about is the people’s reaction. We left in such a daze that I don’t think people really got it into their heads before a month or so.

Who knows what I’ll find… what attitude I’ll come across… and it definitely won’t be the same.